Notary Services


The Washington Public Library is pleased to offer notary services on a walk-in basis, when our notary staff are available. We recommend that you arrive no later than an hour before our closing tine if you want to meet with a notary, and we do ask that you call ahead to confirm that our notary is in at 908-689-0201.

What does a notary do? They witness the signing of a document or sworn statement. There are some qualifications:

  • The document signer must be physically present in front of the Notary
  • The signer must have positive identification (such as a driver’s license or identification card)
  • The signer must willingly make his or her signature

Sounds easy, right? Don’t forget these important considerations:

  • The signer is responsible for getting all parts of their document completely filled out, as the Notary cannot notarize documents with empty space.
  • ID must be government issued (state license/ID, veteran’s card, passport, etc.).
  • Library Notaries may not use a translator to communicate with signers due to New Jersey law.
  • Any question of the authenticity of the document, identification, or willingness of the signer is at the discretion of the Notary, according to New Jersey Law.
  • Library Notaries are not allowed to provide notary services for wills, birth certificates, marriage licenses, I-9 forms, or Power of Attorney.
  • If you need a witness, you MUST bring your own. The library does not provide witnesses and we ask that you do not solicit witnesses by disturbing our patrons.
  • Witnesses MUST personally know the individual who is seeking notarization and must have valid photo identification as well.
  • Please view the notary service policy here