Library’s Gift Program


Need a meaningful gift for the person who has everything? Tired of the same old flowers and candy for special events or memorials? Or just want to give back to your community in a meaningful way? Give a gift that hundreds will benefit from through the library gift program!


When you donate to the library’s gift program, you are making a commitment to purchasing media, such as books, CDs, DVDs, audiobooks, or other library equipment. You can discuss this with our Library Gift Program coordinator to set an appropriate amount and to choose materials that would honor the person or cause you want to commemorate or celebrate.

Based on your preferences and our library’s needs, we will work together to choose a great title or resource and order it through our trusted providers. Once it arrives, we will attach a bookplate or other media identification naming the donor and honoree. In addition, we send a letter to the person or family of the person being honored, indicating the donation and donor. If interested in the Library’s Gift Program, please indicate how you would like this gift to be used. Email for more information.

Click one of the buttons below to fill out a Buy-A-Book application online or to download and print the form.