The Friends of the Washington Public Library

Who are the Friends of the Library
The Friends of the Washington Public Library (WPL) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization of citizens in the community who share a common conviction that an active, vibrant library is an important asset to Washington Borough. They support the WPL through membership, volunteerism and donations.  Money raised by the Friends helps purchase materials and fund programs beyond those not provided by the library’s annual budget.

Recent services and events supported by the Friends Include:

    • Replenished the digital media Hoopla account
    • Purchased 209 books for the book collections
    • Restocked the supply of patron library cards

Benefits of Becoming a Friend:
As a member of the Friends of the Library, you’ll be entitled to the following:

    1. “Ooops” Card (10 one-day punches per year for an overdue book or DVD)
    2. Allowed to check out 3 DVDs (instead of 2) at a time. Each DVD may be checked out for one week.
    3. The greatest benefit of being a Friend is the good feeling of knowing that you are helping one of your town’s most important services!

About Membership
The Friends of the Washington Public Library is open to all interested adults and youth, and annual membership is accepted throughout the year. Applications for membership can be found by downloading our membership form using the button below, or a hard copy can be obtained at the Circulation Desk of the Library. Contributions are tax-deductible. Memberships make great gifts for book-loving friends, too!

We appreciate all of our members, but we are ever so grateful to those who can give of their time as well as their dollars. The Friends are always looking for volunteers to assist with our fundraising efforts and other activities!

All are welcome to attend our 2021 meetings (March 9th, June 17th, August 24th, September 21st, December 14th) at 7:00pm in the library. There are many ways to lend a hand!

The Friends of the Washington Public Library is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization comprised of volunteers SEPARATE FROM THE LIBRARY PERSONNEL and a valuable resource for the Library.

Membership does not require attendance at meetings.

Why Join the Friends?
There has never been a more important time to become a Friend of the Washington Public Library, or to increase your involvement if you are already a member. The WPL’s municipal appropriation — the library’s main funding — has fallen over $110,000 since 2009. That’s a 43% reduction!

In 2020 we are only receiving the state minimum in the amount of $148,384. NJ state aid also continues to be cut annually. In 2020 WPL only received $2831 (back in 2009 it was $8168). This is a 65% cut in NJ State Library Aid!  In addition, no Capitol funding has been allocated to the library since 2017.

Since 2018 no new DVDs, audio books or music CDs have been purchased. In 2020 $0 were allocated towards the purchase of new books.

Over the years, funding cuts have led to hours being reduced, staff positions being eliminated and reduced to only part-time employees, and reductions to our collections.

Your membership contributions augment the shortfall in funding for collections and programs.

Membership begins at just $15, although we hope you will consider a larger contribution.

Every dollar raised goes back to the community in the form of library materials (e.g, books, DVDs), programs and services. With a little help from our friends we can be “the little library that could”

  • Keep its doors open during times of financial stress
  • Keep new materials on the shelves
  • Keep enriching the community and achieving the library’s mission –to be the heart of our community that supports and encourages life-long learning, literacy and discovery.

We have five different membership levels:

  • $15 Loyal Friend
  • $25 Devoted Friend
  • $50 Exceptional Friend
  • $100+ Best Friend

Best friends will be recognized on a display at the Library.

All Contributions are tax-deductible. And remember to check with your employer for matching funds. Checks should be made payable to “Friends of the Washington Public Library”.

Can we count on you to “friend us”?