Board of Trustees


President: Rosemarie Rosati; Term Expires12/31/2022
Vice President: John Valentine, Term expires 12/31/2024
Treasurer: Angela Bridygham, Term expires 12/31/2025
Secretary: Ian Watts; Term Expires12/31/2025
Member: Frank May; Term Expires 12/31/2025
Member: Vacant
Superintendent of Schools: Jackie Nassry, Ex-officio
Mayor: Deputy Mayor Ethel Conry, Ex-officio
Library Director: Heidi Kaiven


The Washington Public Library Board of Trustees meets on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 p.m. with the exception of May and December when they will meet on the 3rd Monday. The public is welcome to attend the public portion of the meetings. Please contact the Board Secretary for any of the Meeting Minutes or the Agendas.

2022 Meeting Agendas

2021 Meeting Agendas

2020 Meeting Agendas